• Hearing Excellence
    is Our Passion.
    We understand the impact that losing your hearing
    can have on your enjoyment of daily activities as well as relationships.
  • Need assistance with your hearing aids?
    We can help.
    Our commitment is to provide a superior experience in achieving better hearing.
  • We Provide Total
    Hearing Solutions
    We help those with hearing loss reconnect with the ones they love.

Welcome To

Hear World

Hear World is one stop clinic for all your hearing problems.Whether hearing impaired patients need a hearing check up, hearing aid or accessories, personalised attention or solution for their hearing problem.

Our goal is to bring back smiles to patients with hearing impairment through quality service and to improve quality of life. We are focused on improving the hearing of people through excellence in patient care. We take great pride in offering the cutting-edge hearing aid technology at state-of-the-art centre. We offer exceptional service in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, served by knowledgeable and experienced hearing healthcare professionals. We provide a unique and personalized hearing solution tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs.

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Opening Hours
  • Monday
    10.00am - 06.30pm
  • Tuesday
    10.00am - 06.30pm
  • Wednesday
    10.00am - 06.30pm
  • Thursday
    10.00am - 06.30pm
  • Friday
    10.00am - 06.30pm
  • Sunday
    10.00am - 06.30pm

Hearing Aids Types

Best Products and Services to Our Valued Customers



Invisible-In-The-Canal (IIC)




Services We Do

We provide a unique and personalized hearing solution tailored to your lifestyle and individual need.

Hear World offers evaluations to diagnose possible speech-language disorders. Recommendations regarding therapy and an extensive written report are included with all evaluations.

Recruitment refers to a condition related to some hearing loss. Recruitment causes your perception of sound to be exaggerated. Even though there is only a small increase in the noise levels, sound may seem much louder and it can distort.

We offer the best available treatment and diagnostic, which is at par with international standards. This we do keeping in mind the needs of patients across all age groups.